TV Parental Guidelines
TV Parental Guidelines

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Viewers can contact the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board by email with any questions or complaints about TV ratings. Individual ratings complaints are forwarded to the network on which the program aired for a direct response.

Please email your questions or complaints to Thank you.

Adjudication Process

When the Monitoring Board receives multiple complaints about the rating on a particular program, the chairman determines if it will be brought before the Board for adjudication. If the chairman notifies Board members and calls a meeting to review the rating, the network on which the program aired is given an opportunity to explain the reason for the program’s rating. If the majority of those present and voting determine the program is incorrectly rated, the chairman will communicate that decision to the program’s producer or network. If the producer or network agrees with the Board’s decision and agrees to change the rating on future airings, the issue is concluded. However, if the distributor or network believes the Board’s decision is in error and decides not to change the rating, the Board will make its views public.